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Inside Blockchain

Gianfranco D’Atri, Financial Economics professor at the University of Calabria,talks about the blockchain and bitcoin, especially in terms of technological research.

New frontiers are being opened and others will still be reached. At the time being, we are not able to predict what developments this technology will have, which allows anyone with the technical skills to create a new cryptocurrency completely independent from any external system.
D’Atri imagines agrowing integration between the blockchain andeXtensible Business Reporting Language. XBRLis a mark-up languagedesigned to exchange business and financial information, as well as between blockchains and artificial intelligence.

Everything is in the reach of everyone, this is the greatest potential that opens us to a completely unpredictable future. Below, there is the video interview filmed during the 38th Bitcoin Milan Meetup, organized by Blockachinlab.

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The article is also available on the website Interlogica .

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