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CERTIFICATION Experience a new certification and control system.
  • Name service : Certification
  • Sector : Innovation & Research
  • Partnership : LAB 72 SRL
  • Collaboration : BEEZ SRL
  • Technology : Blockchain

The power of Beez at your service.

Computerizing data and processes is a procedure that enhances the quality and competitiveness of many companies. Making information unique and unalterable is a guarantee of integrity.
Blockchainlab SRL optimizes and simplifies the processes of control and certification through the Beez blockchain and the use of the eponymous platform, by inserting valid, traceable, and shareable certificates/endorsements.


LAB 72 SRL is an innovative startup founded in 2020, with the aim of computerizing integrated data and processes, particularly in the field of corporate and system quality and plant engineering.
To achieve this goal, the certification system offered by Blockchainlab SRL allows for the registration of a vast number of quality certificates related to instrument checks or competence attestations, as well as certificates of attendance for individuals issued by LAB 72.
This ensures the integrity and unalterability of information, while also contributing to the optimization and streamlining of certification and control procedures. Customers, with full autonomy, can access all relevant data, for example, regarding the inspection of their boiler or the sanitization of their air conditioner.

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