Internet of Things (IoT) & Blockchain:
research, design and development of solutions for the market.

Internet of Things (IoT) & Blockchain R&D PROJECT FINANCES BY THE EUROPEAN UNION

The project

The IoT&B project aims to explore the synergies between the Internet of Things and the use of technologies related to the Blockchain and to create products and services on them. At the research level, through the crucial partnership with UNICAL, the aim is to demonstrate:
- how IoT technology makes new Blockchain solutions possible, i.e. IoT systems that act (move funds, activate smart contracts, etc.) on blockchain automatically by evaluating states and values recorded by sensors;
- how Blockchain technology makes possible new solutions in the IoT field, i.e. IoT systems that read states and values on the Blockchain (transactions, smart contracts, oracles) on the Blockchain to activate actuators.

Demonstrator tool of a Blockchain-based IoT network

The first demonstrator tool made allowed us to show how it is possible to:
- create a network of IoT objects that participate as full-nodes in a Blockchain network and that communicate with each other using this network;
- activate an IoT object by sending it a Blockchain transaction;
- make an IoT object execute a Blockchain transaction;
- use an actuator on the IoT object to execute a Smart Contract that carries out transactions to nodes of the Blockchain network.


Comparison, discussion and contamination of ideas.

Public meetings and academic events have been the tools with which the IoT & B project and the technologies related to it have disseminated our knowledge.

Our collaborations

The IoT&B Research & Development Project is the result of a collaboration between industry and academia.

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