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Blockchainlab Srl is an international center for applied research and consulting in the sector of blockchain technologies, IoT and Machine Learning.
It is based in Milan and develops its R&D activity in Cosenza.

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WHO WE ARE We comprehensively solve the problems we are facing by applying the latest digital technologies
  • Sector: Innovation & Research
  • Head Office : Milano - Italy
  • R&D Office : Cosenza

The company

The company was founded in 2015 with the objective of aggregating scientific excellence and professional excellence in the field of innovation
and technological research aiming to use the blockchain and the Internet of Things - IoT. Since 2017, BlockchainLab Srl has started its R&D headquarters in Cosenza where a strategic partnership has been launched with the DEMACS - Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences for the development of the IoT & B project funded under the POR Calabria 2014 - 2020.
Una corretta politica di qualità e le persone che vi operano consentono di mantenere alto il livello di innovazione e di conoscenza delle dinamiche del mercato al fine di recepire con tempestività e completezza le esigenze della Clientela. A policy of quality and the people who work there allow to maintain a high level of innovation and knowledge of the market dynamics in order to promptly and comprehensively acknowledge the needs of customers.

Points of strength


1. We orient R&D activities towards the best possible solution.
2. We eliminate the preconceptions and limitations coming from "this has always been done".
3. We broaden and complete our internal skills by making use of high caliber collaborators and partnerships.


1. We increase productivity and competitiveness thanks to research activity which is fundamental for development.
2. We develop Pilot Projects in order to create a new product / service and optimize it.
3. We are testing all our R&D projects in a real environment.


1. We consolidate your solutions or direct you to more efficient and innovative alternative solutions.
2. We maintain the product / service up to date by implementing new features in order to have a cutting-edge solution over time and never obsolete.
3. Planning, technical coordination and execution are our keywords for smart growth in the market.


1. We organize workshops, conferences and seminars thanks also to the participation of various experts in the sector and to the partnership with the University of Calabria - UNICAL.
2. We establish a two-way interaction to stimulate confrontation, discussions and ideas contamination.
3. We present our products and / or projects and direct the public towards new concepts and innovative themes.

Project Presentation.

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Competence, fairness and transparency.

A policy of quality and the people who work here allow to maintain a high level of innovation and knowledge of market dynamics in order to promptly and comprehensively acknowledge our customers needs.

In BlockchainLab Srl work highly qualified engineers, technicians and consultants, strongly motivated by the passion for their work and in constant training. Experience, skills, resourcefulness, teamwork and sharing corporate objectives add substantial value to the organizational model, which the market perceives and appreciates, and ensures that the team is among the most competitive in the world.

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